About Us

Coin4Planet provides a blockchain-based financial infrastructure and marketplace that enables companies and private investors to invest directly in regenerative activities.

We combine the Assets from Low-Carbon footprint Blockchain technology with an ambitious restoration Goal. We use Reality Gaming Group eNFT as a foundation for our Blockchain Technology to enable investors in a transparent way to follow results through a designated digital eNFT.

Our Vision

Our vision is to restore the regenerative capacity of our planet and turn the tide from a Global Overdue day to a Global Overflow day before 2030.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create data-transparent financial infrastructure with incentives that speed up beyond sustainable activities on land, in the air and at sea, creating wealth for the planet and the people.

Our Team

Morten Røngaard

NFT Lead

Morten Rongaard is the CEO and co-founder of Reality Gaming Group. Recognised as a NFT OG and a pioneer in the fields of Blockchain, Crypto Currencies and Augmented Reality Morten is a regular speaker around the world on those topics and board member of the Nordic Blockchain Association and advisor positions. Morten has the rare skill of being able to combine creative thinking with financial acumen and the key driver behind Reality Gaming Group’s hugely successful sustainability platform which gives clients real-time sustainability impact scores on green projects that helps them display the environmental impact of their green investments. This Danish Viking is known for sharing his knowledge and experience to help as many other companies as possible realise their dreams in the world of games and blockchain.

Sinnet Bødewadt

Head of Asset Selection

CVO and Co-Founder of Coin4Planet with over 20 years of experience within the environmental - business field. With a focus on creating new solutions and partnerships in the cross-disciplinary field of environmental, technology, policy-making, and economic solutions. CSR execution, environmental auditor and consultant in the private sector as well as expert in LEAN based solutions as manager and development consultant in the public sector. Sinnet's vision is to create a beyond sustainable movement; that sparks us, humans, to global achievement and tap into our resources based upon new market systems, free will for the many, and re-defined challenges.

Peter Mikkelsen


Crypto and blockchain pioneer. Founder of the Nordic Blockchain Association. COO of AISecureMe, an AI Powered Cyber Secuirtiy Advisory firm. Board Member at Completion, a firm specializing in metaverse transformative art. Previous Director of Business Development at the Bitcoin Center and Zap.

Alexander H. Reay

Security Advisor

Alexander has spent over 20 years at the intersection of advanced digital technologies, cyber security and strategic management and consultancy. He’s a certified blockchain Security Expert, Web Application Security Specialist and SOC Management Expert. He’s currently undergoing his CISM and is president at the Nordic IT Association.

Jimmie Steinbeck

Community Advisor

Account Manager of Risk & Application Services at TEKsystems, the leading technology staffing and service company in the USA.

Adam Manga

Marketing Advisor

Director at Blockchain Center, an educational hub for people interested in learning about blockchain, where he has developed websites, systems, and partnerships for Bitcoin Center International. Co-Founded ForkedBlock, an educational hub for Distributed System Engineers and Cypher Punks in the world on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and real time data feeds in blockchain.

Hakob Arshakyan

Junior Developer

Hakob has experience from developing Smart Contracts and Oracles and is an experienced user of Solidity.

About Reality Gaming Group

Reality Gaming Group's vision is to create sustainable NFT content solutions for our clients and their customers. That’s why we’ve developed an energy efficient blockchain platform that also supports green restoration projects across the world. This gives brands the ability to launch amazing blockchain-based services with full transparency, while ensuring consumers have the confidence that they are buying sustainable products.

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