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To Save The Planet

As a Coin4Planet investor you are investing into our eco-system centered around the Nature token

Nature token is solving two problems in one solution:

Earning money while saving the planet. By issuing stablecoins backed by natural capital and deploying them with the use of a set of highly secure and proven DEFI protocols, Nature is pioneering a high yield-model. Through the model, Nature is able to offer great yield to holders of our utility token.

We’re building a platform powered by blockchain technology so that anyone can invest in Nature+ economy and Nature Assets.

4 Key Takeaways To Understanding Nature Token

We hunt for great Nature Assets investments

There’s no ‘fin’ or ‘tech’ at this stage. We cultivate good old-fashioned relationships with Nature Assets owners all over the world so that we can purchase a standing Nature Assets or restore one. When selecting these Nature Assets, we take care to choose only those which conform to the highest standards of ethics – Nature Assets that we would be proud to own ourselves.

Nature Assets are converted into tokens

Whenever we find a Nature Assets like forest, plantage, wetland, farming land e.g., we think would make a great investment as part of our portfolio. We do the necessary checks, negotiate the management and maintenance contracts, and so on. In other words, we do all the heavy lifting so you won’t have to.

You purchase Nature tokens

So here’s the easy part. You set up an account in a few simple steps, and invest at the click of a button. The transaction is recorded securely on the blockchain, and the tokens are safely stored in your account wallet. While in your wallet, the tokens will be automatically staked and you will receive interest of X% APY.

Key risks

Experienced investors know that no investment is fool-proof. There are always risks involved. However, sustainable forestry is one of the most stable and predictable investment asset classes around, which is why many pension funds also invest in forests.That being said, it is important to us that you understand the risks involved when investing. Key risks include capital at risk, variable harvest income, political risk, and currency risk, as well as liquidity risk.

Unlike others, we’re pretty pragmatic

On one hand, there seems to be a consensus that if you want to have goods and services that are environmentally friendly and have a positive social impact, then you have to be prepared to pay more. Organic produce, renewable energy, electric cars, etc.

Then there’s the myth that if you want to invest your money in ways that generate positive environmental and social outcomes, you’ve got to be prepared to sacrifice some returns. All of which seem to position an eco-friendly lifestyle as one that’s reserved only for the relatively well-off: The middle class and the wealthy.

Nature is pioneering a two-fold yield model where financial rewards are positively correlated with the environmental impact

The sustainability of the ecosystem is accelerated as part of the returns will be used to buy back Nature Token to distribute yields to HODLers, and part of the profit is used to invest in additional green assets and mint more NUSD

Natural Assets

Yields generated from the natural assets such as Forestry, CO2 Storage, Soil Restoration and Biomass Production

Stablecoin Minting

Stablecoins (NUSD) backed by the natural capital are deploying in DEFI & liquidity protocols to further generate yields

We have created a solution that allows us to utilize the value locked up in physical assets (natural capital) and use it to leverage yield on DEFI markets.

Our Main Areas Of Interest

Biodiverse And Resilient Habitats
Circular Economy
Climate Smart Technologies
Regenerative Agriculture Ecosystems
Resilient Food Systems and Food Security
The Blue Economy


Coin4Planet is the managing entity of the eco-system. We preform the administrative work, build partnerships, curate projects, develop and maintain the tech.

Our Tech Partner - Reality Gaming Group

Reality Gaming Group's vision is to create sustainable NFT content solutions for our clients and their customers. That’s why we’ve developed an energy efficient blockchain platform that also supports green restoration projects across the world. This gives brands the ability to launch amazing blockchain-based services with full transparency, while ensuring consumers have the confidence that they are buying sustainable products.